Customizable In Vivo Support Services

Why go through the hassle of building and managing a vivarium when your research may require more than just vivarium services. By partnering with Charles River, you are gaining access to in vivo support services that increase the potential for your research to be successful. Whether you need to create a unique transgenic model, are looking for histopathology support, or need to design a program that ensures the health and genetic integrity of your research animal colonies is upheld, these services can be added as part of your CRADL™ program.

Optical Imaging Services

The IVIS® Spectrum preclinical optical imaging system allows you to gain access to high-resolution, optical imaging data. This is particularly useful in oncology studies because it allows you to monitor tumor growth and drug compound efficacy by measuring tumor changes before they are physically apparent. This highly sensitive bioluminescence and fluorescence detection method allows researchers to track multiple optical reporters simultaneously, while 3D tomographic reconstruction provides absolute depth and quantitation of optical signal. This service is currently only offered at CRADL™ Cambridge.

Transgenic Model Generation

Charles River’s transgenic model creation services enable you to begin your research by first creating an animal model that’s customized according to your research needs. Through partnerships with genomics industry leaders, our combined expertise provides an optimal environment for generating, characterizing, and scaling up your transgenic animal line. Once your colony is scaled up, we will seamlessly transfer them to your CRADL™ space.

Rapid Animal Colony Development

Often times, studies are delayed because a research animal colony has not been established. Utilizing in vitro fertilization (IVF), our rapid colony development program can take your small colony of animals (as few as two males) and scale up to a cohort of study animals in as little as 12 weeks.

Histopathology and Tissue Collection

Should your study protocols require pathology support, our ACVP board-certified veterinary pathologists can offer custom protocol design and rapid report turnaround. Our services range from standard tissue collection, histopathology, and microscopic evaluation, to diagnostic assessment of unexplained sick or moribund animals that can be seamlessly integrated into your study design.

Animal Health Surveillance

The poor health of laboratory animals poses an uncontrolled research variable – the enemy of good science. Infectious disease can manifest as increased variability in many aspects of physiology, behavior, and survival. Our experts will develop a surveillance program incorporating proper detection methods to ensure your colonies remain healthy and study-ready.

Animal Models

Every day that research is delayed directly impacts people who need treatment. Charles River is dedicated to providing you with consistent availability of the highest quality research models globally.

Animal Genotyping Services

Often times, studies are delayed because a research animal colony with transgenic animals may potentially lose their phenotype from one breeding colony to the next. If you are working with transgenic models, it is critical to ensure their genetic integrity is being maintained. By partnering with Charles River, we can incorporate a genetic testing program that can provide 99% accuracy from colony to colony.