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The Charles River Accelerator and Development Lab (CRADL™) offers turnkey vivarium rental space for emerging and well-established biotech companies. We combine modern vivarium space with industry-leading expertise in animal husbandry and vivarium management to ensure you achieve your research milestones on time and on budget.

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Focus on Research

Why go through the hassle of building and managing a vivarium when you could be allocating precious time and funding to your research? By outsourcing the vivarium component of your research, you are eliminating the standard costs associated to building infrastructure such as equipment, personnel, training, and management.

From small or start-up companies that realize the value in focusing on their research and partnering with an industry expert to manage day-to-day vivarium functions, to academic institutions that have either outgrown their existing space or are looking to expand their research footprint without further building their infrastructure, our vivarium services are the ideal solution.

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Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887