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The Charles River Accelerator and Development Lab (CRADL™) offers turnkey vivarium rental space for emerging and well-established biotech companies. We combine modern vivarium space with industry-leading expertise in animal husbandry and vivarium management to ensure you achieve your research milestones on time and on budget.

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Located in downtown Cambridge, Massachusetts, CRADL™ East offers rental vivarium space for emerging and well-established research institutions. Our integrated vivarium services enable you to focus on your research, while leaving the animal husbandry and daily vivarium management to a trusted partner.

CRADL™ Cambridge, MA | 100 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 | (877) 274-8371


CRADL™ West will be our newest turnkey vivarium, located in the hub of South San Francisco’s biotech alley. Similar to its sister facility located in Cambridge, CRADL™ West will focus on providing a turnkey vivarium solution and in vivo support services for researchers looking to divert more time and resources to their research.

CRADL™ South San Francisco, CA | 225 Gateway Boulevard, South San Francisco, CA 94080  | (877) 274-8371

251 Ballardvale Street
Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887