New at CRADL®: IVIS® Spectrum Enhanced Molecular Imaging

The IVIS Spectrum preclinical optical imaging system accelerates your discovery research in vivo and in vitro providing 3-dimensional tomography in bioluminescence and fluorescence while ensuring high-throughput scanning.

High-resolution, optical imaging is especially useful in oncology studies, allowing researchers to monitor tumor growth and drug compound efficacy by measuring tumor changes before they are physically apparent. Highly sensitive bioluminescence and fluorescence detection allows the researcher to track multiple optical reporters simultaneously, while 3D tomographic reconstruction provides absolute depth and quantitation (number of cells/picomole of probe) of optical signal.


Key IVIS Spectrum features:

NIST traceable Absolute calibration

• High-throughput – imaging of up to 10 mice at a time (do you have the 10 mouse module?)

• High sensitivity detection (-90C camera for bioluminescence and spectral unmixing)

• Isolation chamber – biosecurity protection for immunocompromised mice

• Support of supplementary image import – CT/MRI images can be added to enhance data

• Reporting and data analysis tools


Performed at CRADL® by skilled IVIS technicians, Spectrum imaging services are available through core hours 7 days a week, with non-core hours available upon request. Researchers have on-site around-the-clock access to PC with image report writing software. Experimental design and data analysis consulting services are also available.




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