Vivarium Biosecurity

Biosecurity is comprised of several elements, ranging from entry of animals into the facility, control, and disinfection of materials that come into contact with animals, and management of human-animal contact. The ultimate goal of the CRADL™ biosecurity program is to reduce or eliminate the potential of introducing an adventitious agent into your animal colonies. This comprehensive program incorporates the latest methodology and protocols to ensure constant management over the critical control points that are seen as areas which pose the highest risk to a facility.

Humane Care

Charles River’s Humane Care Imperative is overseen by our Animal Welfare and Training group. They ensure that all of our facilities comply with the stringent standards of practice and accepted guidance for the care and use of laboratory animals.

At CRADL™, staff are on-site seven days a week to assess the animals under their care. Along with observing the health of animals, staff ensure they have access to food, water, and a clean cage. Depending on the species of an animal, cage changes occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and are performed at a dedicated animal transfer station or biosafety cabinet. Standard disinfection protocols are followed for cleaning stations and countertops, as well as for receiving delivered supplies and animal orders. An animal welfare specialist and clinical veterinarian have direct responsibility for all animal welfare concerns.